The Greatest Science Fiction Robots of All Time

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The Greatest Science Fiction Robots of All Time

Message par jerome » dim. sept. 16, 2018 7:56 pm

Les plus grands robots de science fiction de tous les temps sont dans cet article !

I have to admit that modern robots are a little, well, dull (and that goes double for the damn chatbots, especially the ones who call our house with political surveys). They’re obsolete already. No one has patience with them, because everyone’s waiting for robots to get a lot cooler. Like with laser rifles or something. My wife wouldn’t have hung up on a chatbot with a laser rifle, I can tell you that.

Why is everyone waiting for robots to be so much cooler, with awesome accessories like laser rifles? Because that’s what science fiction has conditioned us to expect. Many of the greatest characters in the most vibrant literature of the past century have been robots—and pretty damn cool robots at that—and SF fans love them dearly.
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