Robert Silverberg parle des ordinateurs

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Robert Silverberg parle des ordinateurs

Message par marie.m » mar. avr. 15, 2014 9:50 am

Robert Silverberg tient une rubrique mensuelle dans le magazine Asimov’s science fiction.

En avril, il évoque les ordinateurs et la fin des disquettes... Et c’est un drame...

Sa rubrique est en ligne ici.

Extrait :
I still do write the regular column for Asimov’s, though, and various other essays from time to time, introductions to other people’s books, and the like, and, because I still prefer to work with my familiar keyboard and the familiar white-on-black screen and the fine Arrow software of yesteryear, I’ve learned to do all that on the diskette drive, backing it up for safety’s sake to the laptop, and then taking my diskette over to the iMac to convert the new piece into a Word document and e-mail it off to its publisher. Doing business or financial bookkeeping that way plainly makes no sense, though. Some day the rest of the Compaq will die and I’ll lose whatever documents may be stranded on it ; and the Arrow software that does my arithmetical computations is incompatible with anything now in use, so I can’t simply take backups of my business records over to the iMac and feed them into Excel or Word.


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