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royal assassin

Message par Ant » jeu. mars 19, 2009 9:44 pm

Good evening Mrs Hobb,

I must state right away that my message is at the same time full of praise and perhaps a bit nasty. I indeed enjoyed very much your series of books translated in french under the title "L'assassin royal", i.e., I enjoyed it until volume #6. This 6th volume, the last I read, seemed to me very different from the former ones. The plot evolves more quickly and your ideas are disapointing in many ways. My feeling and belief is that you got tired of the story and wanted to get rid of it. I do not believe that you intended to write the next volumes when you wrote this #6. It would be easy to answer me that I am totally wrong and that you do not see what I mean. However, I expect a more sincere and detailed answer about the conflict that may arise between the author's whishes about the evolution of a story and the reader's, since, obvioulsy, your whish was to stop and theirs was that you continue on.


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