William Gibson

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William Gibson

Message par jerome » lun. juil. 15, 2019 7:36 am

Je signale une interview de Wiliam Gibson. Il parle du Neuromancien mais il évoque aussi son prochain roman The Peripheral.

C'est à lire ici
I was very lucky – ridiculously lucky in the timing of my interests with a science fiction novel about the digital. Ridiculously lucky. When I was writing it, or actually even before, like a couple of years before, when I was writing the two short stories that Neuromancer sort of emerged from, that the world of Neuromancer emerged from – when I was writing them, they took like a week or two to write, each one. When I was writing each one, it was, "Oh please please let me get this thing published before the 20,000 other people writing exactly the same story right now get theirs published." Because I just thought it was so obvious. I thought, "This is it. This is what science fiction writers call steam engine time for this kind of story."
'Pour la carotte, le lapin est la parfaite incarnation du Mal.' Robert Sheckley


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