Interview de Terry Pratchett (en Anglais)
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de Terry Pratchett
aux éditions ActuSF
Genre : SF

Auteurs : Terry Pratchett
Date de parution : janvier 2000 Inédit
Langue d'origine : Anglais UK
Type d'ouvrage : Interview mail
Nombre de pages : 1
Titre en vo : 1
Parution en vo : juin 2002

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"I don’t intend to write the official Last Discworld Book, but I may slow down"

Actusf  : What made you dedicate yourself to writing ?
Terry Pratchett  : I never dedicated myself to it. I just started, and carried on :-)

Actusf  : Which authors have left their marks on your spirit, which ones have influenced your writing ?
Terry Pratchett  : Possible all of the, G K Chesterton, Mark Twain and Jerome K Jerome come to mind immediately.

Actusf  : There are many characters who return throughout the Discworld. The authors have often peculiar relationship with their heroes. How do you consider these characters ? Old friends ?
Terry Pratchett  : In a way. You can’t live with them for as long as I have without liking them. I respect the integrity of their characters — that is, I cannot change them beyond their natures as they have appeared in the books — but I know that they are not...real.

Actusf  : What keeps on you writing ? Ideas left behind to be explored and exploited ? Or the search for an absolute masterpiece ?
Terry Pratchett  : Habit, I can’t imagine not doing it. -

Actusf  : How do you work ?
Terry Pratchett  : I just sit at my desk and write for several hours a day. I *think* about writing almost all the time. I don’t have any special times, or chairs, or pens. I’m a journalist — I can work anywhere.

Actusf  : You write mainly inside the Discworld don’t you feel somehow locked into it ?
Terry Pratchett  : Not at all. It gives me immense freedoms. And even the restrictions aid creativity.

Actusf  : Until where will you pursue the Discworld ? What could put an end to it ?
Terry Pratchett  : Me dying. I don’t intend to write the official Last Discworld Book, but I may slow down.

Actusf  : What did the cowriting with Gaiman for Good Omens bring you ?
Terry Pratchett  : Er...half the royalties, and a lot of fun. It brought in a lot of new readers for both of us, too.

Actusf  : Do you consider others collaborations ?
Terry Pratchett  : No. that one was accidental.

Actusf  : What inspires you the most. Books or events ? Why ? Which event of this last year would you like to grant a role in a future plot ?
Terry Pratchett  : Events inspire me the most. As for recent news, well, we’ll wait and see...

Actusf  : Yours books are successfull in France. One of yours translators has even been awarded a prize for his work on the Discworld. Have you special relationship with him ? And how are your feelings about France ?
Terry Pratchett  : We exchange e-mails sometimes, as I do with many of my translators, but I wouldn’t say there’s a special relationship. I’m told the translations are good, and that’s fine by me ! France is fine. I have no problem with France. I keep getting invited to literary events but way, way too late to fit them into the diary, I’m sorry to say

Actusf  : I can imagine you receiving a lot of feedback. Was there any particuliar reaction by reader which has disconcerted you ?
Terry Pratchett  : When a nine-year old girl said she’d read all the Discworld books. She had, too. I hope there were one or two references she didn’t get...

Actusf  : You have a huge succes all around the world. How do you live with this fame ? Is it a source of anguish or hugely enjoyable ? Do you understand this phenomenon of popularity ?
Terry Pratchett  : I just deal with it. I have an office to write in, I enjoy my life. But it’s not like being a film star. To be frank, I enjoy writing and the fame bit goes over my head.


Actusf  : What do you expect from your workinprogress website ? Is it just a new extension of the discworld or interaction with yours readers ?
Terry Pratchett  : I interact all the time and alt.books.pratchett, besides a hell of a lot of e-mail and mail and regular signing tours. I suspect my website will nev
er be finished — I’m always working on a book. Website up or new book...let the people choose !

Actusf  : How did you feel first time you saw your characters on stage ?
Terry Pratchett  : I have to admit I was entranced. It was like being given a huge train set.

Actusf  : Which question that you’ve never been asked would William de Worde ask you ? And what would be your answer ?
Terry Pratchett  : The question would be : do you sometimes wonder what’s happened to your life ? And the answer would be : every day !

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