Aliette de Bodard en interview


Aliette de Bodard est en interview sur le site de l'association des Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. Elle revient sur sa série, Les Chroniques Aztèques, la séparation de la SF avec la littérature générale ou encore ses prochains projets. 

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What projects are you currently working on? 

I’m focusing on my alternate history universe of Xuya currently: it’s the same universe as in “The Jaguar House in Shadow”, where China discovered America before the Europeans, and Asian culture remains on the ascendant as people take to space. I’ve completed an SF thriller set in the 21st Century, Foreign Ghosts, which is currently shopped around by my agent. And I’m editing a novella set in the space age, a sort of remake of the Chinese classical novel Dreams of Red Mansions–except it’s in space, with AIs, nanobots and ancestor implants.
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