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Voici un article qui évoque la situation en Australie côté littérature.

C'est ici.

Je vous mets le début et un extrait :

I have written this article and compiled a few posts from various authors on this subject as we get asked about it a lot. How does one get published? Is it better to self-publish? How do I publish an E-book? Who will stock my book?

All these questions we are faced with and we can only discuss from the book store point of view. Where we get books from, what you need to know if your a self published author seeking for us to stock your books.

We decided to go to the people who would know more and put a call out for authors to tell us their tales of how they become published and what route they would recommend for first time writers.


But the problem is, the number of titles published in Australia has increased a lot faster than the number of readers. The same situation prevails with English-language publishing internationally. This means, for most authors who do get published, that the probable sales of their book are rather less than they would have been a decade ago. Because individual book sales are less, and also due to the increasing tendency of publishers to ‘pick winners’ and spend most of their marketing budget on these authors’ books, most books published today are not promoted in any meaningful way. And because they’re not promoted, most of these books do poorly, and their authors find it hard to get their next book published. One can’t blame publishers for this. Publishing is a difficult business and becoming more difficult every year, and they have to make a profit to survive.

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