BD : Mike Mignola et les 15 ans d'Hellboy


Voici une interview de Mike Mignola à propos du 15ème anniversaire de la série Hellboy.

Voici un extrait : When you started out with Hellboy 15 years ago, what did you think would happen with Hellboy, both the title and the character?
Mike Mignola: I had no great expectations. I thought, hopefully it would do well enough that I could keep doing it. But honestly, I thought I would do it once, and then limp back to doing regular Marvel or DC Comics stuff. It was clearly just something to try. I certainly couldn’t have anticipated anything that did happen. How do you think your vision for the comic and for Hellboy himself have evolved over time?
MM: Once it became clear that I was going to be able to keep doing it, and you see it a lot with the second miniseries, I threw a lot more ideas in there. The first one, even though it kind of hinted at a lot of stuff to come, once I did the second miniseries, I was clearly planning on being around for awhile, so I was able to say, “Okay, let me start creating and fleshing out this world.”

And once I charted out all those pieces, it did start to take on a life of its own, pretty much out of my control. The ideas started coming so fast. I mean, the more pieces you put out there, the more characters you put out there, the more they take on a life of their own, scurrying in different directions. There was never any shortage of material once the ball started rolling.
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