Ben Bova et les Nanotechnologies


Ben Bova (Mars, Venus) s'exprime dans une interview sur le net sur les Nanotechnologies qu'il a pas mal mis en scène dans ses romans

Petit extrait :

Q. Nanotechnology was the subject of a renewable energy conference last month in Colorado. You’ve written a lot about nanotechnology. How would you gauge its coming impact on business, health care and society?
Ben Bova : I think nanotech has the possibility of changing many industries. We’re talking about building things from individual atoms or individual molecules. Instead of taking a large chunk of iron, for example, and smelting it down and making steel, nanotechnology will allow people to make iron ore and produce better steel than we can produce in bulk today.

There are all sorts of possibilities for nanomachines and all sorts of problems you get with them also. You can think of nanomachines for therapeutic processes. Put them inside the body and let nanomachines rebuild your heart or straighten out the plaque in your arteries and get rid of the fat. But the question is, can you program machines the size of viruses reliably without having them run amuck? That’s why some people are already afraid of nanotechnology and are trying to take steps to control it."

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