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Charles Stross vient d'annoncer sur son blog trois nouveaux romans :

The books, which are due at roughly 12-month intervals, are:

* A new short story collection (provisionally titled "Palimpsest"), which will show up next summer in place of my usual SF novel. (I'm trying to complete two Merchant Princes books this year; I don't have the energy and time to do a new SF novel as well. However, I can promise that this one will collect a bunch of my short fiction from 1998 on, including the novella "Missile Gap", and a new novella/short novel, "Palimpsest".)

* A sequel to "Halting State", provisionally titled "419", set five years later. (It's not about Sue, Jack, or Elaine; it's about Inspector Kavanaugh, who has a singularly peculiar crime to solve — before it metastasizes and drowns the entire world in spam.)

* The third — but by no means the final — Laundry novel, "The Fuller Memorandum". ("The Atrocity Archives" was a Len Deighton tribute, and "The Jennifer Morgue" was Ian Fleming/James Bond; this time I'm planning to play chords in the key of Anthony Price.)Laundry novel called The Fuller Memorandum.

Il y a également un extrait de son dernier roman Saturn's Children.

Et il a également posté les couvertures des versions anglaises et américaines. On cause souvent couverture sur ce forum. Je vous les mets.

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