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Qui se souvient de l'auteur de Fantasy Janny Wurts ?

Elle est en interview ici

Petit extrait :"
TH: Can you give a brief arc of your career as a writer/author?

JW: I have always been drawn to story telling, no matter what form, whether ballads, or theatre, or books. From having stories read aloud to me as a child, to reading nearly every book in the fiction section in my local library, to seeing original paintings by the Brandywine River area illustrators, Howard Pyle and N. C. Wyeth - the concept of story has fascinated me. I went to college expecting to become a scientist. But when I encountered how limiting the thought process was, I quickly realized I had too many interests to fit into one convenient box. As a writer and painter, telling stories, I can plunge into anything up to my neck, pursue any subject matter, and use that richness as a backdrop. I deeply enjoy that freedom, even today."
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