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John Varley (Le canal ophite, Le système Valentine) planche en ce moment sur un roman post-apocalyptique. C'est ce qu'il dit dans une interview sur le net.

Il parle aussi de ses rapports à la science.

"How much research into the science side of things did you do? You have quite a lot of ideas that I have to admit have not shown up in a lot of SF I have read (such as the fact that your human characters from Mars are actually noticeably taller than folks from Earth, which is realistic because of the difference in gravity).

Only as much research as I have to do. These days it’s made a lot easier by the Internet. I was able to find the names and orbits of all of Jupiter’s moons in one place, Wikipedia, and I wonder if that information is even available on paper except at a major university or observatory. The tall Martians, alas, are not an original idea. I can’t recall where I first saw it, but someone else had that idea first. Who knows if it would really work that way? We’re many years away from finding out."
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