Etre écrivain et parent... L'article de John Scalzi


John Scalzi vient d'écrire un article sur le fait d'avoir des enfants lorsque l'on est écrivain.

C'est ici.

Je vous mets le début.
My daughter Athena was born in 1998, and once my wife completed her six-week maternity leave, I was and still am the stay-at-home parent, caring for our daughter Athena during the day. Along the way I’ve also managed to write a dozen books and literally thousands of articles and entries for magazines, newspapers, blogs and online sites. How have I managed to juggle kid-watching duties with writing work? Here are my five secrets to making it work:

1. Schedule: When my daughter was an infant, I would slot my work into the times when she was taking a nap during the day. This required me to be both opportunistic — to take work time when it happened — and also to focus and get as much work done in the time between when she conked out and when she woke up. Later on, my work schedule synced up to my daughter’s school schedule.

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