Graham Joyce parle de "Mémoires d'un maître faussaire"


Graham Joyce parle de son livre "Mémoires d'un maître faussaire" dans une interview sur le site de Locus.

Voici ce qu'il en dit :
“My most recent book How To Make Friends With Demons pushes the politics, I hope without being obtuse or thumping the table. Well, it does actually kick over the table here and there, but in a colorful sense. I had to write it because there was a scream coming out of me about Iraq and our hideous and shameful adventure over there. And yet I also had this enormous sympathy with the ordinary boys and girls who are sent over to do the fighting. They get hoovered into the system and spat back dead or deranged. And it all got mixed up with my feelings about publishing at the time (not least because my publishers were owned by an international corporation making billions through arms dealing. I said it wasn't easy.)

Il parle aussi de ses projets
“I'm doing some other things. I've been working with guys who write the computer game Doom, on the narrative for Doom 4. I'm also working on a graphic novel with an American comics company. I love doing these new things -- games, comics, writing song lyrics in collaboration with a friend for her new album. It's all testing and challenging. As a writer at this point in my career, it's thrilling to get an opportunity to go back to class and learn from somebody who clearly knows more than you do. I love the idea of continuous learning, of permanently being in a learning situation.”
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