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 Alors que le troisième tome d'Abarat vient de paraître en langue anglaise, Clive Barker a répondu à quelques questions pour le site HorrorBid. 
Il revient bien évidemment sur sa série, ce qui l'a inspiré ou sur ce qui se passera dans les deux prochains tomes. Il aborde également sa relation à l'écriture du fait que sa série soit à la fois lu par des adultes et des young adults. Il est également question de cinéma, d'art, etc. 

Extrait : 

3. What was the impetus behind moving into the realm of young adult fiction with The Thief of Always and, later, the Abarat books? 

CB: I am a younger reader. There’s a part of me that adores the fiction of YA readerships, whether it be Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree, or the classics like Peter Pan and Treasure Island. These are books that never lose their joy for me. I’m completely bewitched by them. I’m enchanted by them. They make me happy. And they do it by reminding me there’s a child in me still. 


5. Since the Abarat books are aimed at a younger audience, do you feel it’s important to impart a larger message or moral to the readers? 

CB: They’re not aimed at all. They’re written. Yes, you can remove certain elements because they don’t belong in the heads of a younger audience, but you can’t aim a book. I went on Twitter recently and asked what people thought about the fact that there was no sex and violence in the Abarat books. Every single person said ‘I don’t miss it. It’s not relevant to the story.’ I want people to be enchanted by Abarat. Not aroused or nauseated.

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