Interview de George R.R.Martin


Le nouveau tome du Trone de fer vient de paraître aux Etats Unis. Du coup George R.R.Martin est partout.

Voici une nouvelle interview. Il indique qu'il veut toujours finir son cycle en sept volumes mais qu'éventuellement...

"GRRM: Well, it’s still my intent to finish it in seven books but I’m not willing to, you know, write that in blood or anything. Obviously I have a history here of being repeatedly wrong about that. I mean way back in the mid-90s when I started this it was a trilogy and it grew to four books and then to six books and then to seven books. Tolkien once said about Lord of the Rings “the tale grew in the telling” and certainly my tale has been growing all along. Seven books is still my goal but you know, I’ll know better as I actually get into writing book 6 and then book seven whether I can do it in that length or not. My goal here is to tell the story from beginning to end. However many books it requires for the story to be told….I’m not going to truncate the story or anything just to get it into an arbitrary number of volumes. But seven is still what I’m aiming at. "

A noter, une autre interview, toujours en anglais, ici
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