Interview de Jon Courtenay Grimwood


Voici une interview en anglais du prolifique britannique, auteur entre autres de néoAddix et du Dragon de Lucifer, à propos de sa nouvelle trilogie, The Fallen Blade

Extrait :
Q. Could you give me an idea of what the book’s about – and of the broad vision for the Assassini series? (Easier asked than done, I know…)

A. If I was putting it into a Douglas Adamsesque 30 second radio sound bite, I’d say, “It’s an alt-historical Bildungsroman about an unread assassin who doesn’t know what he is because no one’s stuck a label on him yet.”
The book riffs off Othello and steals a little from Hamlet, and is based in Renaissance Venice around the story of the first vampire into Europe. It’s also — in flashback — the history of the last Viking settlement in America.
All my books are love stories and about what it means to be human because that’s what interests me. I visualise the process of becoming vampire as being akin to adolescence. You can remember being a child (human) and see forward to becoming an adult (vampire) but right now you’re somewhere in the middle and wondering in which direction to look.
There are three books and I have the arc for them all. Whether there are more depends on the publisher, and also on my still liking Tycho as a character. But if there are, there will be a hundred year jump between books three and four!
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