Interview de Robert J. Sawyer


Le site a interrogé l'auteur de science-fiction canadien Robert J. Sawyer à l'occasion de la sortie américaine le 5 avril du dernier volet de sa trilogie WWW : Wonder.

L'auteur de Flashforward (dont l'adaptation télévisuelle est un succès) se confie, et évoque son travail, aussi bien en tant que scénariste qu'écrivain, et parle de la manière dont sa vie a changé depuis Flashforward. En voici un extrait :

Alex C. Telander: It's been almost two years since our last interview. What would you say has changed most with you as a person?

Robert J. Sawyer: Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm more relaxed. Publishing is in an awful state, but I made a lot of money off of the FlashForward TV series, and that's given me quite a cushion. So I'm a little more zen than I was about the future.

Alex: Would you say anything has changed in your writing?

Robert: Through my work on the FlashForward TV series, I've become much more interested in the thriller genre. People had called my books thrillers before, and, indeed, WWW: Wake hit number 1 on the thriller bestsellers list, but I've been much more attentive to how you structure such things and the conventions of that genre while I've been writing my current novel, Triggers.

Alex: With the last book of your WWW trilogy, Wonder, just out, what have you learned most in this long project?

Robert: That taking six years to do a series is really hard when writing about a technological area. When I started writing this series, no one had heard of the iPhone let alone the iPad, neither the Kindle nor the Wii existed, Facebook had just begun and Twitter didn't yet exist; the world is changing awfully fast.

Alex: What do you now hope readers get from reading the entire trilogy?

Robert: A positive, upbeat view of the future of humanity in relationship to superintelligent machines. The emergence of such superintelligence is inevitable, but science fiction has given us nothing but negative visions; I wanted to offer a corrective for that.

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