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Après la diffusion samedi de l'épisode de Doctor Who écrit par Neil Gaiman, The Guardian diffuse l'interview que l'auteur a accordé aux internautes. Petit plus : si on désire voir la réponse en entier, il faut cliquer sur la phrase, car seule un petit extrait de réponse à chaque question est publié. Voici donc un extrait de cette interview à tiroirs : 
@SPT777: Why did you use the Tennant-era TARDIS as the alternate control room? I would have loved to have seen an earlier version? 
So would I. But I was not able to reach any of the earlier producers in time and ask them to keep their sets up … 

@inconsistentlysane @megamisswho @Sphinx24 @JosieLondon @AndrewFB @AJCunningham @Nancelarrikin @DManning18 @Pphotography @Vamp61616 and others: Will you write another episode? If so, do you know what it might be about? Would you consider becoming a regular DW writer? 
I don't know. I'd love to write another episode: this is DOCTOR WHO we're talking about … 

@emlynmb: Was this the one great Who story you've always wanted to tell or are there many which have been brewing since childhood? 
I've always wanted to go deeper into the TARDIS. Don't we all? … 

@CameronYJ: Which Doctor Who episodes have you watched and wished you'd written them? 
I love being a member of the audience … 

@cameronkieffer: If you could write Doctor Who in any medium (tv, comics, limericks in grungy bathroom stalls) what would be your preference and why? 
TV. Doctor Who is a TV show …

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