Interview Professeur Randolph Lyall

Commenter publie une interview en langue anglaise du Professeur Randolph Lyall, Beta du clan Woolsey, extrait de l'imaginaire de Gail Carriger (Le Protectorat de l'Ombrelle) 

Il évoque, entre autres, son rôle au sein du clan, sa vie londonienne et ce qu'il pense de son auteure. 

En voici un extrait, et pour plus de détails, c'est ici : 

GSB: I know your time is precious, so I’ll jump right in, if you’ll forgive me bypassing the usual niceties. For anyone who may not yet be acquainted with your London, would you mind terribly giving a brief description of yourself, the Woolsey pack of werewolves and your world? 

PRL: I am the Beta to the Woolsey Pack, part of the Greater London Environs. I am also acting secretary at the Bureau of Unnatural Registry, where I work alongside my Alpha who is also Queen Victoria’s chief sundowner. Woolsey is the larger of HRM’s packs, and the only one split for military service. Several of us stay at home and assist BUR or the Growlers and the rest work in the army abroad. My world is as one would expect from London with werewolves, vampires, and ghosts going up against secret societies of scientific genius and medical experimentation.

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