Interview Robert Silverberg


Robert Silverberg est en interview sur le site de Lightspeed. Il revient sur sa nouvelle "Not Our Brother" et annonce qu'il ne travaille actuellement sur aucun projet. Ce n'est donc pas pour tout de suite qu'on lira un nouveau roman inédit du grand Silverberg. 

Extrait : 

Do you ever pick up one of your older works and find that you’re surprised or amazed by it? Is there any piece from your body of work so far that you’re particularly proud of? 

I always read some older work of mine and wonder how I thought of it and got it done. Always. As for pieces I’m particularly proud of, I’d cite the novellas first—”Sailing to Byzantium,” “Born with the Dead,” “Hawksbill Station,” “We Are For the Dark,” and a few others. Among the novels, Son of Man, Dying Inside, Book of Skulls.
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