Interview Trudi Canavan pour la sortie en VO de The Rogue


Le site publie une interview de l'auteure australienne de fantasy Trudi Canavan (à qui l'on doit, notamment, La Trilogie du Magicien Noir) à l'occasion de la sortie en mai en langue anglaise du volume 2 de sa trilogie des Chroniques du Magicien Noir, intitulé The Rogue.

Dans cette interview, elle évoque son nouveau livre, bien sûr, mais elle parle également de sa manière de traiter les personnages, et de la façon dont elle aimerait que la fantasy soit davantage basée sur le monde réel. En voici un extrait :
SFX: You introduced black magician Sonea and her son Lorkin in The Ambassador’s Mission. After Sonea took centre stage in the first book, does Lorkin come into his own in The Rogue?

Trudi Canavan: It’s very much his story. I must admit that I intended him to be the main character but the other characters have already been established and they’re really strong characters. They have a habit of trying to take over some times so I have to hold them back a bit.

Have you enjoyed developing Lorkin’s character?

He’s the new character in the series and it’s been really fun to get to know him. Of all the characters, he’s the only young one so there’s also a great contrast between him and the rest of the characters.

And Sonea?

Sonea is now 40 years old and is a little bit cranky. She doesn’t realise how intimidating she is to other people and if anything she’s been a bit of an overprotective mother. I first created her as a character when I was in my late 20s but I wasn’t published until many years later. Now I’m writing her and I’m in my early 40s. But I honestly didn’t base her on myself and if anything, she’s more how I’d like to be. She’s more fierce and unpredictable while I tend to sit in the background.

Pour lire la suite, et obtenir plus de détails, c'est ici

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