James Lovegrove va écrire deux Sherlock Holmes


James Lovegrove est en interview en anglais ici. 

Il parle de son travail et de son actualité. Il va faire deux romans autour de Sherlock Holmes... 

"EBR: Can you tell us what you have planned for writing in the near future? Any more Pantheon novels or super secret projects? 
JL: There’s at least two more Pantheon novels in the offing, but the only one I can say with any certainty is going to happen is AGE OF VOODOO, because I’m just about to start work on that. There’ll mostly likely be another couple of Age Of… e-novellas too, since the first, "Age Of Anansi", seems to be selling well. But the super secret project which I pitched for earlier this year and which has just been given the go-ahead, is a couple of Sherlock Holmes novels for Titan Books. I’ve been dying to write a Holmes story ever since I was a kid, so this is the proverbial dream come true. They’re going to be steampunkish takes on the standard Holmes adventure, fast-paced and action-y but with plenty of deduction and detection as well." 

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