Jon Courtenay Grimwood et son nouveau roman


Jon Courtenay Grimwood (néoAddix, reMix)est en interview ici en anglais. Il parle de son nouveau roman The Fallen Blade.

> What's The Fallen Blade about?
Jon Courtenay Grimwood : It's a love story between a living girl and a boy who isn't quite sure what he is other than not entirely normal; between an ex-slave and a Millioni princess. It's set in a 15th century Venice where magic still exists and werewolves terrorise the city at night. Into this city comes Tycho, an impossibly beautiful boy with wolf grey hair, who is first seen chained naked to the bulkhead of a ship in the lagoon.

The story riffs off the first half of Othello and steals bits of Hamlet but you don't need to know the plays or even notice that's what the novel does. Someone described that bit of the mix as, 'Shakespeare casserole – delicious, and not too fitting,' which works for me.

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