Les projets de Terry Pratchett


Malgré sa maladie, Terry Pratchett continue de travailler. La preuve avec cet extrait d'une interview publiée ici

"What are you working on now, or what can we expect next from you?
Terry Pratchett : I am well into Unseen Academicals, which began as the Discworld soccer novel. And then I realized that wasn’t really going to be good enough. It could be funny but it would not have much plot. So I realized that there was a second thread woven into it, and when I was working on the second thread, I realized that there was a third thread, and they all tied together very nicely. It’s only in the last few weeks I’ve actually gotten to the point where I’ve got all my ducks lined up. I’ve been making real plot progress. There’s no doubt it, the PCA does slow me down a bit. "
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