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Lois McMaster Bujold est en interview sur Ligthspeed. L'occasion pour elle de revenir sur sa série culte, celle des Vorkosigan et sur le dernier livre qu'elle a écrit, CryoBurn. Elle parle également de son procédé d'écriture ou de l'impact des ventes d'e-books sur ses royalites. 

Extrait : 

Your latest book, CryoBurn, came out in 2010. In it, Miles goes investigates a cryogenics corporation that the dying go to freeze themselves, gambling that one day their illness will be curable. Could you tell us a little about the process of creating that novel? 

I’d been thinking about doing something with the demographic and social-psychological implications of cryonics for at least a decade and a half before I came to grips with CryoBurn, due to knowing a reader who worked for Alcor. A lost Miles’s hallucinogenic encounter with a young street kid was sloshing around for years as an unwritten scene unattached to any further story. I had the book’s opening line, “Angels were falling all over the place,” hanging in air (well, jotted in a notebook) for some months before it slotted into its current position. The story’s last line had been sitting in my head for maybe fifteen or twenty years.

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