Lucius Shepard, son interview et ses projets


Voici une interview en anglais à lire ici

Extrait :
"Where can folks find your most recent work, and what future projects can we expect?
Lucius Shepard : I have a short fiction collection that's due out any day (it's now Dec 14th) from PS Publishing called Viator Plus, which contains the rewrite of Viator, now a work of some 65000 words. I suffered a breakdown (clinical depression) while finishing the book, and did not complete it as I would have had I been healthy. So this is a make-up call, with 20 plus thousand words added. I also have a Dragon Griaule novella, The Taborin Scale, out from Subterranean in February, and a novella collection from Golden Gryphon, Five Autobiographies, out in late 2010, early 2011. I'm currently engaged in writing two novels, Piercefields, the long genre novel I mentioned earlier, and a slipstreamish YA novel, as yet untitled"
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