Pourquoi Jim C. Hines n'a pas écrit de 4ème tome...


Jim C. Hines explique sur son blog pourquoi il n'a pas écrit de quatrième tome à sa série du Gobelin (publiée en France chez l'Atalante).

Extrait : "The thing is, in my brain, Jig’s story is finished. I’ve shown him and his fellow goblins growing and changing over the three books. I leave them in a very different place in book three, and I like that. I like that we got to see Tymalous Shadowstar’s story as well. I like that we got closure for some of the other characters and situations from book one. It feels done.

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right call, if maybe I should have kept going with the series. Jig has some wonderful fans, and he really was a fun character to write. (Not to mention the goblins were making great money over in Germany!) And then last night I caught the rebirth of Scrubs."

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