Quand Terry Bisson parle de Walter M.Miller


Terry Bisson a mis en ligne un article sur L'Héritage de saint Leibowitz qui a terminé après la mort de Walter M.Miller.

Le titre de l'article :A CANTICLE FOR MILLER; or, How I Met Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman but not Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Attention, c'est en anglais.

voici le début (et la suite est ici)

" I am a science fiction writer, a dicey business at best.

In November, 1995, I got a call from Don Congdon, a literary agent I knew by reputation but had never met. Congdon's a player. He represents William Styron and Ray Bradbury, among others.

He asked if I had ever heard of a book called A Canticle for Leibowitz. I said yes, I had.

Who hasn't? Canticle is one of the few science fiction books not only known but read outside the field (unlike, say, Dune or Stranger in a Strange Land, which render up their pleasures only to those already attuned to the genre). A novel of nuclear anxiety written in the 1950s, it tells the story of an order of monks in the Southwest and their efforts to keep scientific knowledge alive in the new Dark Age after the "Flame Deluge" or nuclear war. Leibowitz Abbey, and the neighboring village of Sanly Bowitz, are both named after a Los Alamos scientist who became a monk, was martyred by a mob and is--just maybe--a saint. Leibowitz was Jewish, the joke of the title. "
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