Tolkien, ancêtre de lui-même ?


Tolkien, ancêtre de lui-même ? est le titre d'un article d'anne Larue publié sur le site Elbakin

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"Tolkien, ancêtre de lui-même ?

It seems to me that Tolkien was still following what I have suggested as the second aim of his nineteenth-century predecessors, i. e. to press a « reconstructed » mythology into the service of his own language-group.
Tom Shippey, Roots and Branches, p. 93.

Le projet d’une « mythologie pour l’Angleterre » a fait couler beaucoup d’encre(1) . La question est reprise par Tom Shippey dans différents articles (2), particulièrement dans celui qui s’intitule « Tolkien and Iceland : the Philology of Envy », où on peut lire ces mots :

One of the things most often said about J.R.R. Tolkien is that it was his intention, in his fiction, to create « a mythology for England ». It seems that he never in fact used this particular phrase ; but just the same, on more than one occasion he said something quite similar. Thus, in one letter written after the publication of The Lord of the Rings, or Hringadrottins saga, he says that he had « set myself a task, the arrogance of which I fully "
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