Trois interviews de Iain Banks


Trois interviews de Iain Banks ont été publiées hier dans The Time, The Independent et News Scotsman à l'occasion de la sortie de Transition.

Extrait :
"Me: Tell me about the world of Transition. Or worlds. Where did the premise come from? Was it just an excuse to come up with lots of cool alternate Earths?
Iain Banks : The initial idea came to me as I woke up one morning while on a short holiday in Paris last spring. It changed a lot -- a hell of a lot -- but it somehow always involved an assassin with extraordinary powers and a love of espressos. From the start the intention was to write something complicated, so the original idea got lots and lots of other, pre-existing, ideas thrown at it, like the eclipse/how-to-capture-an-alien idea and the story of the police torturer who insists on being punished (that might have been a short story otherwise; I have a lot of ideas that start out as possible short stories, but for about the last twenty years they always end up as parts of novels). The three rather exotic assassinations detailed at the start of Chapter 5, for example, had all been hanging around in the Ideas Vault for decades waiting for a home. Then the book started generating its own ideas, which is always a good sign."
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