Un article de John Scalzi


Voici un article en anglais de John Scalzi : Why We Love Our Post-Apocalyptic Flicks

Petit extrait :
"3. Because happy futures are boring: Seriously, the future in which humanity survives and lives happily ever after? Nice to live in, but would you want to watch it for two hours? It's not for nothing that in the best example of a "happily ever after" science fiction scenario we have -- Star Trek and its largely peaceful United Federation of Planets -- we spend most of our time on the fringes of the universe, in spaceships that are exploring "strange new worlds" -- that is, places that the "happily ever after" hasn't got to yet. You probably wouldn't want to live in the future of Mad Max, or Waterworld, or I Am Legend, but watching them for a couple of hours, popcorn in hand and the apocalypse safely on the other side of the screen? That's entertainment, my friends. Better them than us."

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