Un article sur le prix Hugo


 Voici un article sur le prix Hugo en tant qu'"objet culturel". 

C'est en anglais et c'est ici. 

Extrait : 
"The Hugos are actually three sorts of cultural object: material item, symbolic cultural asset, and organizational product. The iconic chrome rocket trophy is presented to all winners, and generally only the base of the physical award changes from year to year, providing a sleek, polished link between the new awardee and the idealized lineage of SF that the Hugos stand for; it is a tangible object that confers the award's values directly to the awardee and their work. As asset (and thus an object of contention with power and convertible value), the award has a number of meanings, which I will discuss presently. But that aspect is inseparable from the fact that the Hugos are also the enterprise of a peculiar organization and are produced by a different group of participants in the field each year; that is, the current Worldcon committee. The Hugos are overseen by the World Science Fiction Society, which "is really just a framework for the individual Worldcons -- it has no officers and no permanent organization" except for two committees: the Mark Protection Committee and its Marketing Subcommittee."
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