Un nouveau roman pour Ben Bova


Ben Bova sort le 2 février en anglais un nouveau roman : Able One.

Voici le résumé :

"When a nuclear missile launched by a rogue North Korean faction explodes in space the resulting shockwave destroys the world’s satellites, throwing global communication into chaos.
The United States military satellites, designed to withstand such an assault, show that two more missiles are sitting on the launch pad in North Korea, ready to be deployed.

Faced with the threat of a thermonuclear attack, the United States has only one possible defense: Able One."

Et voici ce qu'écrit Ben Bova sur son site :
February 2nd ABLE ONE will be released! In August Tor published THE RETURN, tieing together the backgrounds of the Grand Tour series and my earlier Voyagers trilogy. I've just finished a thriller titled ABLE ONE, and now I'm working on, a sequel to JUPITER, and next year will probably start on a novel set on the Moon, FARSIDE. Fans keep asking about the MARS book plans. As far as Mars goes I've already done three novels about the human exploration of Mars, in addition to novels set at Mercury, Venus, and several in the Asteroid Belt. At the moment I don't have any plans for a novel set at Pluto or the very distant outer bodies and planets, mainly because I can't see why any human explorers would want to go there. However if a good reason pops up, I'll probably "send" an expedition there, too.

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