Une interview d'Alastair Reynolds


Voici une petite interview d'Alastair Reynolds sur sa participation à une anthologie.

Voici le début !
"Charles Tan: Hi! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, what's the appeal of science fiction for you?
Alastair Reynolds: Everything. It's the only stimulus that lights up a very particular part of my brain - and I like having that brain area stimulated! Nothing else does it, not even media SF.

CT: What made you decide you wanted to write science fiction?
Alastair Reynolds: I wrote stories as soon as I could hold a pen. From the beginning they were science fictional - stuff about robots and rockets and lasers. No change there, then! I never wanted to be "a writer"; I only ever aspired to be an SF writer. They'll tear that badge out of my cold dead hands. "
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