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Voici une interview de Cherie Priest en anglais.

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First, you have to tell us about your new novel BLOODSHOT?
Cherie Priest : Well, let’s see — it’s the story of an OCD thief who happens to be a vampire, plus a freaky government conspiracy, lots of snark, and a fabulous drag queen sidekick. Wackiness ensues!

SS: The success of your award-winning novel BONESHAKER has really brought the Steampunk sub-genre back to the mainstream in a large way. What made you want to tackle an entirely different sub-genre in urban fantasy with BLOODSHOT?
Cherie Priest : Bloodshot is my tenth novel, I believe, and everything before it has been quite dark – lots of horror, lots of moody, atmospheric stuff … which I love, don’t get me wrong. But an urban fantasy project like this one gave me a chance to do something funny. I often do “funny” on my blog, but not in my fiction; so this wasn’t a huge change of pace … it was just a different kind of opportunity, and a very pleasant one.

SS: What makes BLOODSHOT different from other urban fantasy novels?
Cherie Priest : Though it’s certainly true to the genre, it has plenty to set it apart from the pack. The protagonist is weird and insecure, and comically un-self-aware, and yet still quite good at her job. She has (or eventually acquires) a drag queen who used to be a Navy SEAL as a sidekick … and everyone really seems to love him. Or, um. Her. As the case may be. Really I just tried to make this a solid mystery populated by some memorable characters. And snark. And dirty jokes.

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