Une interview de Gardner Dozois


Gardner Dozois est un éditeur célèbre aux Etats Unis et un auteur plutôt reconnu.

Le site du magazine Locus vient de mettre en ligne des extraits de son interview.

Voici un extrait de ces extraits :

“I was talking to Ellen Datlow the other day and telling her it's kind of absurd that the two best editors in the short fiction business are out of work. I said, 'We should really start a web magazine where you do the horror and fantasy and I do the science fiction.' Now we just need somebody with deep pockets to fund it. If somebody approached us, there's no doubt we would do it.

“This is sort of like the idea of a media guru who points out stuff you should pay attention to, the way Oprah Winfrey does with books. I'm perfectly willing to be the Oprah of my generation! I know there are some sites that are incredibly influential, particularly political blogs. There will definitely be media tastemakers and gurus who will point their audiences toward one thing or another.

“It's a new world, and I'm not entirely convinced I understand it, but I'm not particularly scared of it either. There's still going to be plenty of good stuff being published in any reasonable future scenario that doesn't involve a dinosaur-killer asteroid or the complete collapse of the economy or something.”

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