Une interview de Ian McDonald


Ian McDonald (Desolation Road) est en interview sur le web. Il revient sur son nouveau roman : Brasyl.

PWT - Your previous book, River of Gods, was born in a lunch with your agent. How did Brasyl come up?
IMD - I woke up one morning with the word on my forebrain: Brazil. To us it sounds a very sexy, exotic word, that seems to have no bearing on anything else in the world, and certainly not like the name of a country. I've been interested in the country for a long time, as a place that everyone thinks they know, but in fact is still relatively unknown in the UK, and the US: I still see comments on blogs and reviews complaining about the amount of 'Spanish' in the book. I rest my case.

Il parle également de son prochain roman :

PWT - What can you tell us of your next book, The Dervish House? Where it is set and what is it going to deal with?
IMD - Turkey. A waiting giant. Set five years after Turkey joins the EU. In my head, about 2027. It all takes place over five days of a spring heatwave in Istanbul, with six main characters who all share an old, converted dervish house; from a nine-year-old kid to an old fat retired academic. And a guy who sees djinns. It'll have everything. Themes are nanotechnology (the kind we're likely to get) and economics/game theory. Economics and markets are a real intellectual challenge -insanely complex.

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