Une interview de Mary Doria Russell


Mary Doria Russell est de retour sous les feux de l'actualité avec son roman
Dreamers of the Day. Résultat pas mal d'interviews pour l'auteur du roman de science fiction : Le Moineau de Dieu.

La dernière en date est ici

Petit extrait :
What are significant spiritual experiences for you? Tzedakah. The word is from the Hebrew root tz-d-k, which produces three words that seem unconnected in English: charity, saint, justice. In Judaism, a good person doesn’t share what he or she has out of anything as slippery as love or compassion. You do so because it is right, and it is just. For me, the impulse to share gains meaning in that fierce and unsentimental context.

Thanks to The Sparrow, and the books that followed it, I no longer volunteer to write grant proposals for charitable organizations I support. I write checks. I can read about a problem in the newspaper, for example, and then make it disappear—fix it, cross a problem off somebody’s list of worries! That’s so satisfying."[/u]
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