Une interview de Neil Gaiman


Neil Gaiman vient de sortir The Graveyard Book et du coup il multiplie les interviews. Ce matin c'est SFX qui en publie une !

Extrait :

"So, I read the Graveyard Book and I absolutely loved it.
Neil Gaiman : I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done; I am just so happy with it. Normally when I do things you have a platonic ideal in your head and you measure success by how much you fell short of that platonic ideal. Right now it’s my Batman comic and I have this wonderful, marvellous, glittering, glistening, golden idea and I’m just wrestling with the thing and it lies there on the page and I say, “No, you’re meant to be marvellous!” And it’s all about how close to marvellous you can actually get. And with The Graveyard Book I achieved everything that I set out to write. The themes are big themes. I did them justice, and I loved all of the characters, I’d love to go back and do more stories with them. I think it’s really special."

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