Une interview de Terry Brooks


Voici une interview en anglais de Terry Brooks.

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MN: Do you think it makes any difference how old you are and how much experience you have in the tone and quality of your work?

TB: Well, I do. To some extent that's true. I think you need to get some seasoning, as a human being, with life. I think it helps to be out in the world in some capacity and interact with people, learning about characters, learning about character, the way that people interact, learning how dialogue works. That all takes time and life in order to happen and you just can't invent it out of whole cloth. You can find some of it just by reading what other writers have done and make sense of it that way, but I think to develop your own style you have to have lived some years, and sometimes that helps tremendously with older writers who have had a lot of seasoning, and learned a lot of lessons about the world and are able to use that in their writing.
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