What Are the Ingredients of Good Science Fiction?


Dans un article intitulé What Makes Good Sci Fi, John DeNardo tente d'expliquer ce qui fait, pour lui, un bon roman de science-fiction. 

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Just because I love reading science fiction stories doesn't mean that I love every science fiction story I read. Some stories simply work better than others. Why? The reasons are largely a matter of personal taste and opinion, sure, but that doesn't mean one can't at least begin to qualify said criteria. 

What I came up with are the basic qualities of "good" science fiction literature... 

It Has To Be Good Fiction 

Right out of the gate, I'm cheating a little. This criteria doesn't have to do with the "science" part of sf, it has to do with the "fiction" part. That is, it has to have the qualities of good fiction—things like good characterizations, reasonable plot development, well-written dialogue, good pacing, a pleasurable writing style and some degree of originality. Good fiction evokes mood and emotion (you have to care about what happens), maintains a sense of logic and coherency, and is able to put me inside the story. Good fiction makes we want to keep reading a book after logic says it's time to call it a day. Taken together, these attributes, done right, make a story entertaining. And isn't that ultimately the primary reason why we read fiction?

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