What non-genre books have influenced you in some way? How?


C'est la question que le site SF Signal.com a posé à un panel d'auteurs. Voici la réponse de [b]C.J. Cherryh (auteure, entre autres, de la Forteresse des Etoiles) : 

I read a lot in my childhood: an obscure book by, I think, Kingsley, entitled Hereward the Wake; Pyle's Robin Hood; the Oz books; Burroughs' Tarzan: I wanted to run away for a year (not forever) and join the Zulu, when I was about 7; I read Sabatini; Costain; and at 7 I started reading the entire 1947 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia: I am well-versed on all topics through M. As an adult, the Iliad, by Homer; La Morte d'Arthur; and the Aeneid by P. Vergilius Maro. I rather liked Milton's Paradise Lost; and I ate up Tacitus' History.

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Priscilla Duran-Mulas
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