Peter V. Brett parle de son prochain livre

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Peter V. Brett parle de son prochain livre

Message par marie.m » mer. sept. 28, 2011 8:55 am

Peter V. Brett (L'Homme Rune, La Lance du désert) est en interview pour le site Fantasy Faction. Il revient sur ses deux livres mais également sur le prochain.

Extrait :
Book 2 was a completely different experience to book 1. What you achieved in terms of growth was quite literally phenomenal in my opinion. You took an essentially small scale that I thought was going to ‘x’ and just exploded it into tons of little threads that could very well go to ‘x’, ‘y’ or ‘z’ and more besides. You’ve told me before that book 3 will choke a whale – but what is it as readers we can expect to experience from it? Will it grow with new characters? How much can you tell us in regards to plot?

PVB: I will be continuing to add more POV characters (including demon perspectives) as the series progresses, though I am taking care to try and avoid the trap many other multi-POV epic fantasy authors have fallen into, where the sheer number of point of view characters dilutes much of the narrative tension and makes forward progress in the story difficult. As a result, each book will have a couple of primary protagonists, a couple of secondary, and a few more characters that are necessary to bear witness to key events. Sometimes this means that a reader’s favorite character won’t have their own POV in a particular book, but they will still appear in events witnessed by others.

In The Daylight War, the primary protagonist will be Inevera, who will get the full childhood-through-adulthood POV treatment. By the time events sync back to the present, readers will have a clear understanding of Inevera’s motivations and moral compass, showing her reasons for some of the mysterious and scary things she had her hands in during The Desert Spear. the other main POV’s will be Renna Tanner, Abban the khaffit, and Leesha. Arlen, Jardir, and Rojer will have brief POV sections, but their actions will mainly be described as witnessed by others. In at least one scene, all of the above will be in the same place at the same time.

Perhaps 30% of the book will take place in the past, and the rest will be forward moving story. As to what actually happens, I’m not telling, except to happily report that everyone guessing aloud on web forums as to what will happen has been wrong.
L'interview dans son intégralité est à lire ici.


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