Philip Pullman

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Philip Pullman

Message par Priscilla » mer. mars 30, 2011 10:25 am

Le site révèle le nouveau projet de Philipp Pullman : une réécriture de certains des contes des Frères Grimm, qui ont été de véritables révélations dans sa jeunesse.

Il ne s'agira pas uniquement de contes pour enfants, mais de la vision que l'auteur de La Boussole d'Or a de ces contes.

Plus de détails ici
What would Malcolm Reynolds do ?

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Message par jerome » lun. oct. 16, 2017 8:23 pm

Philip Pullman Returns to His Fantasy World : un article sur son nouveau roman

The publication date of “La Belle Sauvage” is, by chance, Pullman’s 71st birthday. “I’ve felt 80 or 90 the last few years,” he said, sitting in his preferred love seat in his living room, surrounded by collapsing piles of books and his ukulele collection. “At the moment, I feel, oh, oh ... ” He paused. “I feel 68.” Pullman’s dry, understated tone makes the jokes almost undetectable, but that he’s able to joke at all is progress. Two years ago, when I first visited him in Oxford, he was suffering the effects of complications from a prostate operation. He was in near-constant pain and exhausted — at times only able to sleep in 15-minute bursts — and he wore the gray, spent expression of someone used to enduring something awful in silence. Earlier this year, another operation fixed the problem. Now he looked transformed. His skin had rediscovered color, his hair had turned from pencil gray to brilliant white and stood out from his head as if he’d just been mildly electroshocked. If he had a beard, he would pass for Father Christmas.
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