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Andy Weir

Message par jerome » mar. nov. 21, 2017 9:37 am

Andy Weir, l'auteur de Seul sur Mars, parle sur Locus de son nouveau roman...
Artemis is a heist story that takes place on the moon. The main character is a small-time criminal who gets in way over her head. Of course it’s a huge challenge for me to follow up The Martian. A success like that comes once in an entire career if you’re lucky – and for me it was my first book. So the pressure is on. I feel like I did a good job on Artemis – I didn’t leave anything on the table and I tried to stretch myself out to be a better writer. It has considerably more character depth and complex story.

The main value I got from chapter-by-chapter feedback on The Martian was the fact-checking. It was very useful to have 3,000 people checking my work every chapter. I didn’t have that luxury when I wrote Artemis, so I had to do more research and careful double-checking of my work.
'Pour la carotte, le lapin est la parfaite incarnation du Mal.' Robert Sheckley


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