Voici pourquoi la Rébellion a gagné

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Voici pourquoi la Rébellion a gagné

Message par jerome » dim. janv. 21, 2018 5:58 pm

Star Wars: The Rebellion Won Because They Treated Their Droids Like People
It’s pretty clear, even on a first viewing, that the Star Wars universe doesn’t treat droids well. They are bought and sold like computers rather than beings with clear personalities, preferences, and desires. They are ordered en masse as aids, weapons, and soldiers in wartime. Humans and aliens have the ability to control them with restraining bolts, and the permission to wipe the minds of droids as they see fit; this could be used to prevent them from recalling sensitive events and information, or to stop a droid from developing an entrenched personality which could potentially cause problems for their owners. It’s common to treat them as tools, to the point that droids themselves have internalized the abuse—many models will speak ill of droids they consider beneath them, and we even witness droid-on-droid torture in Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine.
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