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Alastair Reynolds est en interview en anglais ici.

Il parle notamment de ses projets.

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What are you working on now?
Alastair Reynolds : A trilogy! It's actually one of my most optimistic stories so far. It's about the future of space exploration in a 22nd century post-climate change world. We've gone to Mars and back to the Moon. Africa is the main economic and technological super power - it's post China, post India.

It's about the equivalent of a modern 'Gates' family of Africa - this rich family of technology pioneers. They have two kids who are sort of expected to carry on in the family business, but they want to break away and do their own thing.

The book explores the past few hundred years of space exploration that we've missed. I think space exploration is so important to our survival as a species and I am a big advocate. I visited the Kennedy Space Centre two years ago and was totally inspired - it's what inspired me to write this book. I wanted to look at the future of space exploration in a positive way.

And there are lots of positive things in the book - I sort of wanted to look at the world after we've gone through all the climate change. The Sahara is a large solar catching region.
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