BD : Une interview de Mike Mignola


Le génial Mike Mignola est en interview en anglais ici.

L'interview évoque essentiellement la sortie au ciné d'Hellboy 2

"AVC: When you started Hellboy, though, weren't you more interested in drawing it than writing it?

MM: Exactly; it's totally switched around. Hellboy started out as just a list of things I wanted to draw, and the original idea was to give that list to [legendary comics creator] John Byrne and have him write the stories. But once I came up with that list, all those things started bumping into each other and cobbling themselves together into a story. So when I finally did the first Hellboy story, I wrote up a plot to give to John to finish. What I didn't realize was, I had pretty much written the whole thing. That's the only way I would've been able to get into writing: accidently. The process of writing and drawing my own comics at first was just too daunting. I needed the safety net of a professional like John."

Mike Mignola est l'auteur du comics Hellboy donc mais aussi de B.P.R.D., de l'adaptation du Cycle des Epées , ou bien encore du recueil L’Homme à la tête de vis.
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