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Ben Bova a publié sur le net un article sur les ebook.

Voici le début :
"My novel “Cyberbooks” was science fiction when it was published in 1989. Today it’s coming true.

“Cyberbooks” was a satirical look at how the book-publishing industry will inevitably change from printing books on paper to putting them out electronically. My basic premise was simple: electrons are cheaper than paper.

Ninety percent of a book publisher’s expenses are the cost of hauling paper across the countryside: from paper mill to printing plant, from printing plant to book distributors’ warehouses, from warehouses to book stores.

I figured that a book published electronically could go directly from the publisher’s office to the retail buyer, via the Internet. Publishers could save enormous expenses.

This could bring down the price of books to the point where practically everyone could afford them. The hero of my novel was an idealistic young Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineer who had invented a workable electronic book reader, a cyberbook."
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